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Memorial Selections

As a Heirloom retailer, we are able to offer a wide selection of memorials for family, religious, and civic use.

Flat Markers (Single or Companion)

Flat Grass markers are set flush to the ground, and are the smallest memorials. Their limited size, however, does not eliminate the opportunity to personalize this marker. The size and shape are more set than the other markers, but the choice of color remains, as well as the option to use brass accents or a unique inscription.

Slant Markers (With or Without Base)

These stand typically 18 inches above the ground, with the back of the stone straight, and the front sloping at approximately a 45 degree angle. This memorial can be set directly on the ground, or can be elevated by a base. The slant provides for a larger surface to design, maximizing your ability to make your family memorial special.

Upright Headstones

While uprights are the most traditional memorials, each can be customized to tell your family's story in stone. Upright memorials can be customized and crafted in almost any shape, color and size, depending on the plot size and cemetery restrictions. Your loved ones' hobbies, interests, heritage and special relationships can provide the basis for a highly personalized memorial design. Heirloom can take the design and turn it into an exquisitely crafted, one of a kind, piece of artwork.

Estate Memorials

Families, honor generation after generation and build an estate memorial. This family memorial is designed for a large family estate. Upright estate memorials come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Civic Memorials

At Heirloom, we have years of experience helping municipalities and civic organizations honor their communities and themselves with civic memorials of the highest quality. From the initial needs assessment, through sketches and scale models, to fund-raising and even your memorial dedication ceremony, Heirloom' civic memorials team will ensure a positive experience. We know how to work with government agencies and volunteer organizations, building consensus and encouraging involvement at every step. Best of all, because your memorial will be Heirloom quality, you can rest assured it will be impeccably designed and crafted- and will be a source of pride and inspiration... forever.


A family's legacy lives on in the design of a mausoleum. The largest of the family memorials, a mausoleum can share a family's history with future generations. This monument is designed to keep the memories of the family alive as it houses the spirit of those who have passed. Because they are enclosed, families can reflect on the lives and the history of their loved ones in a private setting.

Jewish Memorials

Inspiring and beautiful, these Heirloom memorials feature beloved symbols from the Jewish religious tradition. Each one is crafted of the finest granite, and expertly carved by hand. For those whose lives were inspired by their faith, there can be no more fitting—or lasting—tribute.

Cremation Monuments

A cremation memorial is a memorial that will allow you to keep your loved one's ashes safe while also allowing you to express your loved ones life. Work with one of our professional designers to create a permanent memory for your loved one.

Religious Memorials

As a Heirloom retailer, we are experienced in creating meaningful and profound memorials of all types. Our skilled craftsmen are able to inscribe a religious message or image on your memorial. We are also available to hand craft religious statues for individuals, cemeteries, churches, or larger organizations.


Granite benches can be used in place of a headstone in some cemeteries. They are a beautiful resting place for people to mourn or celebrate the memory of friends, family, and loved ones. They come in various styles and colors. Granite benches may also be placed in private gardens, public parks, or church grounds.

Beveled Markers

Beveled Markers are a cross between a flat and slant marker. They sit above the ground and are 6-12 inches in height. They have a tilted face with the back being 2 inches higher than the front of the marker.


Bronze Markers lay flat to the ground with a bronze plaque either mounted on top to a granite base or concrete. These are not allowed at all cemeteries. Bronze Markers can be created in any size to conform to your cemetery's requirements.

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