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Purchasing a Memorial

When you decide that you're ready to purchase a memorial, you'll have help you can trust from one of our experienced memorial counselors. We are experts in memorial design and in other matters such as cemetery regulations. And, unlike anyone else, as an authorized Heirloom retailer we can offer you the unmatched assurance of Heirloom quality and craftsmanship.

Too many people put off the memorialization process until it is too late. Read on to learn the reasons why you should plan your memorial now.

Ten Reasons to Plan Your Memorial Now

1. A memorial should be a joint decision.

You've shared your lives together. You have made important choices together. Since a memorial is the most enduring thing you will ever purchase, it should be a joint decision, too. Planning your memorial together is indeed the right way to do it. Yet all too often, couples and families put it off. "We have talked about planning together but we just never got around to it" - these are words we hear time and again from surviving spouses and other family members.

2. It completes your estate planning.

Most people realize the importance of estate planning. What fewer realize is that estate planning isn't complete without memorial planning. As a result, those surviving are often left with the burden of choosing and paying for a memorial. By planning your memorial now, you can avoid this difficult situation.

3. Plan now, and the choice will reflect your wishes.

Your choice of a home, car, or vacation spot reflects your personal preferences, your tastes, and your wishes. Why let others select your memorial? We will work with you to personalize your family memorial so that it tells a story in stone--one that reflects your life, your interests, your beliefs and your accomplishments.

4. Your heirs won't be left guessing.

It is both unwise and unfair to burden your heirs with the task of choosing your memorial. They can only guess at your wishes. A modest amount of forethought on your part can prevent the tragic possibility of family disputes and delays by making clear to everyone what your wishes are.

5. Your insurance will fulfill its intended purpose.

If you purchase a memorial now and pay for it out of income, the cost will hardly be noticed. And you'll have the security of knowing that your estate, savings and insurance funds can all go toward their intended purpose: providing for those you love most.

6. The decision won't have to be made at an emotional time.

At times of grief and loss, it can be very difficult to make important decisions. Why place even more stress on your family? Not only may they find it difficult to think clearly about your wishes, but they may overlook such issues as quality and craftsmanship and the soundness of a strong guarantee. By selecting a memorial now, you'll be assured of the highest quality granite and craftsmanship--backed by the strongest warranties available anywhere.

7. No matter what happens, memorialization will be assured.

No one can predict the future. Financial troubles can delay memorial purchases by families, sometimes indefinitely. Disagreements can have the same effect. Pre-purchase is your protection against these uncertainties--your guarantee that memorialization will, in fact, happen as you want it.

8. Plan now, and we can promise you and your family pieces of mind.

A memorial should last forever. Our famous perpetual warranty guarantees that we will replace any granite part of your memorial free of charge should that part prove defective in any way attributable to our granite or craftsmanship. In addition, our warranty extends to the purchaser, heirs, and assignees (and can even be extended to cemetery management), assuring that your memorial will be protected forever—even if your family moves away.

9. A Heirloom Memorial is now easier to afford than ever.

As a Heirloom Authorized Retailer, we can offer you a payment plan designed to make America's finest memorials easier than ever to purchase in advance. Buy now and you'll be able to spread the cost over several years. You'll be able to personalize your own memorial and you'll receive the guaranteed quality that only Heirloom offers. Your memorial can easily be moved if you relocate to a new home later in life. And the price you pay will be today's price-- guaranteed not to increase.

10. It takes only a little time with your authorized Heirloom retailer to complete your memorial planning.

Is this the right time to arrange for your memorial? Only you can answer that. But now that you understand the many reasons for acting today, why put it off? Call today and we'll help you gain peace of mind, make the decisions you want, and make sure your memorial fits easily within your budget.

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